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MineLens provides mining companies with the strategic business intelligence they need to identify, quantify, and prioritize value creation opportunities in their operations.

Mining productivity has declined 28% in the last 10 years
MineLens enables you to reverse the trend and improve productivity

MineLens helps companies address critical questions.

How Do We Bubble
  • improve productivity and output?
  • reduce costs?
  • improve return on shareholder capital?
  • identify, implement, and track productivity
    improvement opportunities?
  • offset diminishing resources and declining
    grades/strip ratios?
  • mitigate risk e.g., fluctuating commodity prices?
  • respond to shifting demand without losing profitability?

MineLens provides mine operators with the data and insight to optimize equipment, labor, and cost productivity.

Benchmarks and metrics, based on the world’s largest database, cover the full mining value chain. The database contains over 240 mining operations, and spans the entire industry across commodities and geographies. MineLens provides detailed insight on equipment, labor, and cost productivity through various diagnostics.

Equipment productivityLabor productivityCost productivity
  • Mine production potential
  • OEE diagnostic*
  • Maintenance reliability
  • Labor efficiency
  • Staffing ratios
  • Mining practices performance
  • Operational cost benchmarking
  • Consumables usage
  • Total cost savings potential
*Operating equipment efficiency

The MineLens Difference

  • achieve 10-15% cost reductions in the first year
  • build benchmarks from the ground up with granular, detailed metrics
  • access the largest mining database with a consistent set of comparison data
  • measure your performance over time and find opportunities quickly
  • receive an actionable plan with a clear presentation of data and results

How MineLens is used



Mine General Manager

Potential challenges:

  • increase production
  • reduce costs
  • improve cost and production efficiency

MineLens helps:

  • identify why costs are high and output is limited
  • determine which KPIs are important
  • create a baseline to measure and compare performance and identify gaps
  • establish a consistent view of mine operations
  • prioritize improvement projects



Leadership at mining
company headquarters

Potential challenges:

  • set strategic targets
  • achieve optimal return and prioritize capital investment

MineLens helps:

  • ensure consistency of measured metrics
    and KPIs
  • optimize the utilization of equipment to defer new capital expenses
  • set smart achievable targets
  • develop a value creation road map with
    detailed milestones