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MineLens Productivity Index (MPI) Complimentary Analysis

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MineLens Productivity Index:
A new methodology for measuring productivity in mining operations.

Use the MineLens Productivity Index to track your productivity over time relative to our global index.

MPI utilizes production, capital, labor and non-labor operating expense data to measure the productivity trend of your mining operations over time. See related research for further details on our analysis

Over the past year, several indicators of different aspects of the global mining sector's performance have confirmed that it is now turning around after the dark days of 2014, 2015, and early 2016

Productivity in mining operations:

Productivity in mining operations:

We have developed the MineLens Productivity Index (MPI) to enable mine managers to measure the aspects of productivity that are within their control, namely, capital, labor and non-labor operating expenditure

Our data is collated data from an extensive line up of mines, covering all major mining geographies, commodities, and type of players, to create a picture of performance across the sector.

Upon submitting your request for a free MPI analysis, a MineLens team member will contact you to confirm your data. Your MPI report will be sent to the email address which you provide, typically in less than two business days. In order to process your request for a free MPI analysis you must agree to the MPI terms & conditions.

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