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Mining Operations Review Exercise, MORE

A Value Drive Tree (VDT) based tool that connects financial data with operational data to provide increased transparency into site operations. Allows users to simulate site cost and throughput scenarios by changing individual elements of value driver tree.


Historical Snapshot for performance dialogues, gap identification and root cause analysis

  • Decomposition of unit mining cash cost into financial and operational drivers down to the operator level using existing operational (e.g, fleet management systems and PLCs) and cost data (e.g., ERPs)
  • Internal (across sites or same site across time) and/or external benchmarking against peers


Scenario analysis to support budget discussions and improvement programs

  • Manipulation of nodes of the value driver tree to simulate future performance
  • Easy-to-use workflow to understand maximum capacity of each process and to rebalance the systems afterwards
  • Target setting per process step and node upon selection of a reference scenario


Create, evaluate and track initiatives from cradle to grave

  • Display current performance and initiative pipeline against target
    per process step
  • Management of initiative creation, valuation and evolution through
    structured interface
  • Dynamically track financial impact taking into consideration
    interactions between activities
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