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MineLens combines advanced analytics, a comprehensive database of mining performance metrics, and global mining expertise. It enables you to make informed decisions to drive labor and cost productivity as well as equipment efficiency.

MineLens’ unique combination of the world’s largest mining database, industry experts, and seasoned practitioners in the field provides the actionable insights you need to sustainably improve your profitability. MineLens benchmarks your performance on labor, cost, and equipment productivity, analyzes your performance gaps, and prioritizes quantifiable and qualitative improvement opportunities. Site visits from mining professionals are a crucial and integral part of the process. The resulting report delivers robust recommendations enabling you to develop and implement a road map for lasting value creation.


MineLens process: The 4-step MineLens process is fast and typically takes weeks rather than months.

The MineLens process includes data collection, cleaning, analysis, and report generation - followed by a fourth step to track and implement recommendations.

Step 1: Develop fact base
Weeks 1-2

  • Data pull, cleaning, and mapping
  • Diagnose and compare operating, labor, and cost performance to a global set of peers using a proven
    benchmarking methodology

Step 2: Run analysis
Weeks 3-4

  • Site visits and report development
  • Quantify and qualify throughput and cost improvement initiatives linked to profitability improvement and
    capital expenditure reduction

Step 3: Deliver results
Weeks 5-6

  • Report delivery and recommendations
  • Recommend operational improvements using MineLens’ detailed insights as a roadmap for achieving goals

Step 4: Tracking & implementation
Weeks 7+

  • Track common metrics to align the organization, set achievable performance targets, and measure improvement over time
  • Implement improvements

Complimentary Analysis: Measure the productivity of your mining operations

Complimentary -thumbThe MineLens Productivity Index (MPI) enables mine operators and owners to assess their productivity trend relative to our multi-year global index. The MPI utilizes the controllable inputs to productivity; namely capital, labor and non-labor operating expense to reveal how productivity has changed over time. MPI is comprised of historical data from over 100 mines, covering all major geographies and commodities.