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MineLens provides mining companies with the strategic business intelligence they need to identify, quantify, and prioritize value creation opportunities in their operations.

MineLens provides the answer:
Compare operating, labor and cost performance benchmarks to a broad global set of peers

MineLens, by McKinsey

Commodity prices have dipped substantially since their 2011 peaks, and the mining industry’s stock market valuation has followed these prices down. The big mining houses have been working hard on cutting costs, limiting capex and boosting productivity, all aimed at improving profitability. No one knows when the sector will recover, and the speed and size of that recovery is likely to vary considerably for different commodities, regions, and specific operations.

MineLens combines advanced analytics, a comprehensive database of mining performance metrics, and global mining expertise - enabling you to make informed decisions to drive labor and cost productivity, and equipment efficiency.

MineLens is a suite of services that combines 85 years of McKinsey industry and functional expertise with data, analytics, and software tools to help clients get greater clarity in decision making and gain significant long-term performance improvement.

"We believe that benchmarking is an essential part of understanding the true potential in our business."

- Division President, Major Mining Company

"You can’t truly know how well you can do, until you know how well others have done."

- CEO, Major Mining Company


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